There has been a recall notice on all Frigg Silicone Dummies with immediate effect. 


Why are the silicone dummies being recalled?

Ivy Distribution who are the distributors of Frigg Dummies in the UK have stated that in a very small number of cases the teat part of the silicone dummies have partly come away from the dummy.

Ivy distribution have personally and meticulously been testing every individual unit that they distribute to ensure customers safety however Frigg Production ApS have  taken the initiative to recall all silicone dummy stock globally.

ApS will be re-engineering the silicone design before releasing them to the public  again. 


Are Frigg Latex dummies affected too?

No, the recall is only for the silicone (clear teat) dummies. The latex dummies remain  safe to use. 


What to do if I have bought a Frigg Silicone Dummy from The Neutral Baby?

Due to the scale of the recall Ivy Distribution will be handling the recall of the silicone dummies. This is to ensure the situation is  handled correctly, quickly and to take the burden off of small businesses. 

Ivy Distribution will be offering exchanges for two latex dummies for every one dummy that has been purchased in the last 12 weeks. Please note that latex dummies are unaffected by this recall and remain safe to use. In the event that you do not wish to accept an exchange Ivy Distribution will also be able to offer a full refund.

In order for Ivy Distribution to process the recall please register your details by completing the online form below.

If you require a refund rather than an exchange please leave a note in the comments section of the form stating this.

Ivy Distribution have confirmed that they will only be processing exchanges/ refunds  for orders placed in the last 12 weeks as the instructions for use state the dummies should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. 

We understand a lot of our customers would have bought dummies for future use, if your purchase was outside the 12 week window please continue to fill out the form and explain this in the comments section. 


Who do I contact if I would like to speak to someone about the recall further?

If you wish to discuss any details of the recall process please contact Ivy Distribution directly at:



Telephone: 0208 4882566


We would just like to say thank you for your patience whilst we have been waiting to hear more information about the recall. We appreciate every customer and order and we hope that the issue can be resolved as quickly and safely as possible by Ivy  Distribution and Frigg.